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9 Reasons to Utilize Church Street Market House

Coworking spaces and office rentals are becoming increasingly popular as companies turn toward a more hybrid or remote work environment. Now more than ever, workers are looking for ways to improve their work/life balance, and working from home can occasionally complicate their ability to achieve their desired ratio. Church Street Market House, located in the Heart of Downtown West Chester, has everything you need to be productive in a space that feels just as comfortable as home.

Check out our list below to see some of the benefits Church Street Market House offers and different ways to utilize our space to improve your productivity at work and home!

Church Street Market House interior front
  1. Networking: Church Street Market House offers community memberships that allow opportunities for networking with other professionals and entrepreneurs from various industries. This provides for collaborations, new partnerships, and expanding your professional network.
  2. Meeting Clients: Church Street Market House offers three available conference rooms, which can be used for meeting clients, holding presentations, collaborating with your team, or even hosting events.
  3. Professional Development: CSMH is a hub for local entrepreneurial ventures, new business expansion, and networking events! Being a part of our community offers professional development opportunities through networking and collaboration with professionals in different fields.
  4. Flexibility: We also offer flexible work arrangements, allowing you to choose your working hours and function in a comfortable environment that suits your needs. Our space provides 24/7 secure access to your rented office and the community space, allowing maximum productivity and the ability to work when you please.
  5. Cost-Effective: Renting office space can be expensive, especially for startups and small businesses. Church Street Market House offers flexible leases that are alternatives to traditional offices, with access to office amenities such as printers, a community kitchen, a coffee bar, and high-speed internet.
  6. Collaboration: Church Street Market House promotes collaboration among members, offering a sense of community and support. This can lead to new ideas, increased creativity, growth opportunities, and new friends!
  7. Increased Productivity: Our space offers a professional environment that can increase your productivity. The distractions you may face when working from home or in other public areas can help you focus on your work and get more done.
  8. Work-Life Balance: Church Street Market House provides a balance between work and personal life. You can work in a professional environment without sacrificing your personal life, as our spaces allow remote or hybrid professionals to take business out of their homes. 
  9. Geographic Flexibility: We are also centrally located in Downtown West Chester, providing easy access to public transport and other amenities, such as local coffee shops, lunch spots, and restaurants. This allows you to work in different parts of the city or even travel while still having access to a professional workspace.

Whether you are a single entrepreneur, a start-up, or a company looking to expand your business, Church Street Market House has what you need to increase your productivity and improve your and your employees’ work/life balance. Visit our website to learn more about our space or schedule a tour today by calling 484-473-0465. See our affordable, accessible offices and open community and event space that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations!